Includes All Minor services  
Carburettor Balances / Synchonise Starter Valves 
Spark Plug Replacement 
Check and Adjust Valve Clearance  
Diagnostic Plug In / Check for Update Mappings 
Fuel Line Inspection  


Tyre Pressure Check and Adjust 
Crankcase Breather Inspection 
Brake Fluid Level Inspection 
Tyre Tread Depth Inspection 
Lubricate Pivot Points 
Wheel Bearing Play Inspection 
General Wheel Inspection 
Final Drive Oil Check and Top Up 
Rear Spocket Inspection 
Brake Light Operation 
Road Test 
Front Brake Visual Inspection 
Rear Brake Visual Inspection 
Air Filer Inspection and Clean If Reusalbe 
Brake Free Play Inspection 
Head Stock Bearings Play Inspection 
Coolant Inspection and Top up 
Swing Arm Play Inspection 
Visual Fluid Leak Inspection 
Final Drive Oil Replacement 
Engine Oil Level Inspection 
Front Fork Inspection 
Side Stand Operation Check 
Rear Suspension Inspection 
Gear Change Linkage Inspection 
Carbureitor Idle Speed Check 
Exhaust Condition Inspection 
External Clutch Operation Inspection 
Oil Filter Replacement 
Lights and Horn Operation 
Lubricate Drive Chain 
Engine Oil Replacement 
Throttle Operation Check  
Brake Pads and Calliper Condition Check 
Drive Chain Adjustment 
Service Light Reset 

Road Test 

All vehicles will be road-tested by a qualified technician to ensure all work has been carried out to our high standards. 


Please note all prices are exclusive of parts. As you can appreciate vehicle parts prices can vary significantly according to model so please call for an accurate quote. 
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